Gate 2020 Exam Pattern


The GATE 2020 exam pattern is obviously different form other mock examinations conducted nationwide. There are around 23 themes covering all the areas of education in engineering/technology and other sciences, humanities streams. Basically, all the thematic papers consist of 65 questions in total and are weighted for percentile basis. Within these questions, general aptitude queries will carry 15 marks which are divided in to 10 questions.

However, certain thematic papers will be different viz., changes will be observed mostly with the themes related to engineering. Nonetheless, the general section containing aptitude related queries will be 15% of the total marks for all the streams. Further, thematic streams involving engineering subjects viz., aeronautical,  agriculture, biotechnology, civil, chemical, computer with information tech., electronics and communication, electronics and electrical, instrumentation , mechanical, mining, metallurgical, petroleum, production and Instrumental, textile Engineering and fibre Science, engineering Sciences (AE; AG ;BT; CE; CH; CS;  EC; EE; IN; ME; MN; MT; PE; PI; TF ; XE) and Engineering maths will be awarded 70% of the marks to related thematic subjects. Likewise, the other humanities and science streams such as planning and architecture (AR), Chemistry (CY), Ecology and Evolution (EY), Geology and Geophysics (GG), Physics (PH), Life sciences (XL) will be focus 85% of the subject related themes in the assessment.

The GATE 2020 Exam pattern usually consists of multiple choice of question- MCQ which will be mostly of objective types and will be given four different option out of which will be a correct answer. These questions will be carrying 1 or 2 marks in all thematic paper streams and respective sections. Subsequently, the next part of commoner will be of numerical type which is also based on 1 or 2 marks for all appropriate sections. However, the answers related to these question will be of real number where the candidate will be provided a virtual keypad to answer those question without any options unlike the MCQs.

It is also imperative to note that in GATE 2020 Exam Pattern, negative marking is critically encountered upon selecting a wrong answer. For instance, for multiple choice based question around one third of the mark will be reduced upon answering or selecting a wrong choice. Similarly, the two third of mark will be reduced upon answering or selection wrong answer for two-mark question. Regardless, there isn’t any deduction for the numerical type questions in the examination. Fundamentally, the question will be based on principles within the discipline of the paper, understanding of basic to make simple answers derived from fundamental knowledge, application dependent on logical answering and analysing and deriving the answer based on data’s specified. General aptitude reasoning would be same viz., 15 marks divided in two section of 5 question in each section with one and two marks each. However, it is different for papers such as GG, XE and XL where 25 and 30 questions will be based on one marks and two mark each. For instance, GG thematic will be of two parts where one part is common among students and another part will be divided in two categories where one should attempt one category. Similarly, XE theme has mandatory section to attempt with different question patterns which is same as in XK where the chemistry theme is compulsory to attend