Interview with Ananya: GVM Girls College Student, Sonipat

Interview with Ananya GVM College Student Sonipat

Interview with Ananya Jain GVM Girls College, Sonipat

My Entrance Exam: Please Introduce Yourself.

Ananya: I am Ananya Jain from Baraut, Uttar Pradesh. I am a second year student of B.Sc. Biotech at GVM Girls College, Sonipat. Currently I am doing internship in Digital Marketing at My Entrance Exam.

My Entrance Exam: What are your interest areas and the things which make you happy?

Ananya: My interest area is in Science and especially in Biology. I also love to explore and learn new things from all around the world that is the reason I want to go in research field.

My Entrance Exam: Definitely, life is all about cherishing the little things. So, what are your long term goals?

Ananya: My long term goal’s first step includes admission in IIT Roorkee were I want to pursue MSc and finally I want to do job as a Research Scientist and contribute some of my donation in social service also.

My Entrance Exam: Well Ananya, good to know that you want to contribute in social service also. Have you ever contributed before?

Ananya: Well, Yes I have contributed very little in my childhood when I went to a school trip in Delhi I saw a poor girl and she was so hungry. Then I gave my packet of chips to the poor girl who was actually elder than me.

My Entrance Exam: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Ananya: I want to see myself as an independent, successful and well- esteemed Research Scientist.

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