HCL Full Form


The full form of the HCL can be different with angles of view.

In aspect of Chemistry:

Let me take you to the Student era, “HCL full name as (Hydrogen Chloride Acid)”

  • It is the very interesting chemical compound made of Hydrogen and Chlorine.
  • We used this in our chemical laboratory to do experiments and share memories with our school friends.

In aspect of Company:

HCL full name as (Hindustan Computers Limited)” is one of the biggest Indian Manufacturer of Personal Computers.

  • They have their headquarter in Noida (U.P).
  • The Key person with the vision to become entrepreneur has become an idol for the lot of people to start their own business. Still thinking, read about him and think like the next “Shiv Nadar

Creative Made by Author

In aspect of Lockdown:

 HCL full name as (Home Challenge League):

  • This Time is very tough to remain motivated and full of energy, so start some Home challenge with your family and friends to make them engage with some creative work e.g. Yoga Pics, Puzzle etc. Share some interesting Idea with us.

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In aspect of Life:

HCL full name as (Hands Can Lead)

  • Put your hands together to do Namaste to People Around you
  • Put your hands in learning the “New” Every day in the Life
  • Put your hands to donate the Poor & Needy at this Tough Time

If you find these interesting, please share your comments and the other full form of “HCL” that you can think of 😊