Hiroshima Day 2021: Important Dates, History, Facts and Impacts

Hiroshima Day 2021

Hiroshima Day 2021– Wars have an inevitable result and one of this is the loss of lives, a lot of innocent people lose their lives. War is concerned with only hatred and discrimination Moreover, the harms caused to nature are irreversible. The emotional and psychological trauma caused remains a forever imprint on the lives of the innocent children and haunts them throughout.

History of Hiroshima Day

One of the major examples is the nuclear bombings on Japanese City Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6, 1945, by the United States with the consent of the United Kingdom. The nuclear bombs were being prepared by America Scientists and they successfully tested an atomic bomb in July 1945.

The U.S. President Truman, very minutely calculated the disastrous consequences that can be caused to Japan and they could be defeated. The purpose was to invade the Japanese Homeland.  The bombs were dropped from a specially equipped B-29 which dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima.

The explosion was immediate and generated fires that burned around 4.4 sq. miles completely. Around 70,000 people were killed immediately explosive blast, the firestorm it sparked, and from acute radiation poisoning, and by the end of the year, around 129,000 people died which has a major population of civilians.

People were injured with severe burns, bone fractures, and glass pieces embedded in the skin. Thousands of lives were taken to save the lives of other thousands’. August 6 is observed as Hiroshima Day. Hiroshima Day lays emphasis on nuclear awareness and the harmful effects of it and promotes peace politics against the war.

Effects of Hiroshima Bombings:

Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima
Source: warhistoryonline.com

The nuclear bombs have caused the haunting consequences to the City. The number of people who survived the tough time developed leukemia within six to seven years. With the coming years, different types of cancers, like thyroid, breast, and lung were reported very high in rate than the ordinary rate.

smell of death hiroshima day
Source: history.com

The children born after Hiroshima Nuclear bombing were born with disabilities, stunted growth, and a higher risk of developing cancer. A large amount of dust was carried away by wind and water which contaminated the ground and water bodies. The effects remain still in the environment. Around 70% of building in Japan were damaged.

Little Boy Hiroshima Day
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The medical fraternity was unable to help and aid the injured as 90 percent of the staff was the victim of the bombing itself. Civilians of either city, who entered Hiroshima to help the victims died due to the adverse effects of the radiation.

Fat Man Hiroshima Day
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The effects are not just limited to the physical and genetic damages only. Physiological health has been affected too. The healthy survivors had fears of having cancers. This leads to depression and mood changes similar to PTSD.

The city faced serious shortage of food and healthcare. The daily lifestyle was nothing less than a challenge to people, surviving in the midst of deadly radiations and destroyed houses and building was nothing less than a challenge. The women who were pregnant at that period had miscarriages or children born with severe disabilities.



The people who survived the explosions are known as Hibakusha. About 6,50,000 were recognized as Hibakusha by the Japanese Government. This population of Hibakusha was subjected to a lot of discrimination within the society, the fear of getting caught by the effects of radiation. Citizens still believe that Hibakusha has hereditary and contagious diseases.

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Events on Hiroshima Day

Peace Memorial Museum displays the pictures of the victims of the nuclear explosions. On Hiroshima Day, the city holds a Memorial Ceremony to consolidate the victims and pray the world to realize the importance of the implementation of peace.

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Since 1947, every year the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park conducts the ceremony, and people from all around the country participate. 8:15 a.m. was the time when the bomb was dropped, at the same time on Hiroshima Day, the bell rings out at the temple, and the city observes silence in memory of all the victims.

The Prime Minister addresses the civilians and promotes. People write messages of peace on the lanterns in the evening and let them float in Motoyasu River in the evening and wish for peace. The events that happened in Hiroshima are lessons to the world, that the wars only causes destruction and lifetime hazards to innocent people and the coming generation

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