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The Joint Entrance Examination (Main) 2020 or JEE (Main) 2020 is an important examination for students aspiring to apply for undergraduate courses in Engineering at the 31 NITs (National Institute of Technology, 20 IIITs (Indian  Institutes of Information Technology) and 18 Government Funded Technical Institutions (GFTIs).

This is the main qualifying exam and it is highly competitive and difficult. But this does not deter the lakhs of students who appear for this every year in the hopes of getting admission in one of the premier engineering institutes of India. Students spend lots of money on coaching classes, extra preparation books, past test papers, etc. Many start preparing from 9th standard itself. You can imagine just how competitive these exams can get! 

This article will give some tips on which books to refer for the JEE (Main) 2020. The Jee (Main) 2020 consists of three subjects- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Students wishing to write this exam must focus on these three subjects. The syllabus itself is based on the CBSE syllabus. But the CBSE textbooks themselves are not sufficient for preparation. Students will get an edge if they use extra preparation books.

The first section will suggest some books for Mathematics

The following books are recommended because they offer a thoroughly balanced teaching method. They have an ideal mixture of problem-solving methods, explanations for theorems and lots of practise problems at varying difficulty. 

  • One such book is Mathematics for JEE Mains 2020 by Dinesh Khattar. This book is published by Pearson Education India and it offers all the latest syllabus for the JEE Main 2020. It offers ample test material with questions from last 17 years of JEE Main papers as well 5 mock tests at the end. The book comes with plenty of solved practise problems, solved examples, shortcut methods to solve questions and explanations on important theorems. This is an excellent book for one wants to go through lots of questions from different past papers.
  • A second suggestion would be A Master Resource Book in Mathematics for JEE Main by Prafull. K Agarwal. It is published by Arihant publications. This book is ideal for those who have started preparing for the JEE Mains early. It has two sections, one for the 11th standard syllabus and one for the 12th standard syllabus. This makes it easier for students in different classes to practise with the concept they have learnt already rather than getting confused with mixed up questions involving concepts they have not yet learnt. The book also gradually increases difficulty level so the student is not overwhelmed by the questions. The book has previous years questions, mock papers, explanations of theorems and many, many solved examples. This is a very ideal and balanced book for those wishing to take the JEE Main 2020.
  • At last but not least is the Complete Mathematics: JEE Main – 2020 by McGraw Hill Education. The main feature of this book would be free access to 37 years of solved IIT papers by category. This is extremely useful for candidates as they can get an idea of what sort of questions will be asked and will also get a very thorough preparation. The book involves plenty of theorem explanations, drill tests, solved examples and mock papers. It is also a very comprehensive resource for JEE Main Mathematics paper.

The above-mentioned books are not an exhaustive list. There are many other good preparation books in the market and students can refer to them also.

This section will talk about the suggested books for Chemistry paper in the JEE Main 2020.

  • The first in this list would be The Chemistry for JEE Main 2020 written by Atul Singhal and published by Trishna’s publication group. This book includes questions from past papers of the JEE Main from the last 17 years. It includes lots of practise examples, explanations for theorems and rules, 5 mock tests at the end and plenty of solved questions from the past papers. It offers a well rounded approach to the preparation as it consists of all the above features.
  • Second on the list would be Complete Chemistry: JEE Main – 2020 by McGraw Hill Educators. Again, like their Mathematics book, this book also has questions from 37 years of past JEE Main question papers. The book covers the entire JEE Main Chemistry syllabus and it adheres to the current examination format. The book has lots of good solved examples, practise questions and at the end of the book 5 mock tests. It is a very good and comprehensive book for those preparing for JEE Main 2020.
  • The third suggestion would be Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations written by R.C Mukherjee and published by Bharati Bhawan (P&D). The book has garnered many positive reviews from previous years JEE Main candidates. It offers many practise questions on how to solve problems involving chemical calculations.

Again these suggestions are only a few from a list of many good JEE Main chemistry books.

The third section will deal with books for the Physics papers of the JEE Main 2020 exams.

  • First in our list is Physics for JEE Mains 2020  by Sanjeev Kumar and published by Pearson Education India. This book is a very good book with lots of clear examples, solved questions, practise questions, well-explained theorems and questions from the last 14 years of JEE Main papers. The book also has 5 mock tests at the end. It is a well-rounded guide for those preparing for the Physics paper.
  • The second suggestion is Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Optics & Modern Physics by D.C Pandey and published by Arihant. This book has the entire syllabus but for ease of study, it is divided into 8 main chapters. The book has many neatly labelled diagrams which explain theories and theorems very easily.
  • Third, on our list is Chapterwise Solutions JEE Main Physics (2019-2002) by Arihant Experts. This book has chapter-wise explanations for physics theorems and many practise questions. It is very good for gaining a good grasp on the theory side of physics and understanding concepts. The book has 10 practise sets which will be useful for those needing to do lots of practice questions to solidify their grasp on concepts.

All the books mentioned above are very well written, offer excellent practice, and are comprehensive in the practice they offer. These books can be used with other practice books available in the market too. Coaching classes provide a good opportunity and practicing from question banks of past papers has also proven to be very important in contributing to the success and a good rank in the JEE Main exams.

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