VITEEE 2020 Eligibility Criteria


The Vellore institute of technology conducts Engineering Entrance Examination often called VITEEE is one of the important assessments as compared to the joint entrance examination. There are strict rules that are made to be met to apply for the exam includes age factor, academic scores, and nationality. Here we provide certain eligibility criteria for the VITEEE 2020 that are followed by the university and are given below. This examination is open to all the nationals around the world.

For Nationality within India

The candidates must have been taken subjects such as physics, maths, and chemistry along with biology or computer science in their higher secondary education examination. Further, they must have also obtained a minimum of 60% alone in the aforementioned subjects. However, as per the ministry of education under the Indian government, there will be a relaxation of the candidate belonging to SC/ST and should have secured at least 50% in the mentioned subjects above. This higher secondary education should be accredited by the education board and should be of full-time study.

The age factor appearing for the VITEEE 2020 should be born July 1995 and the same should be reflected in their certificates such as mark sheets, transfer certificates, and birth certificates. Also, the student who has done a course from open learning institutes nationally can be subjected to apply if their course to full time. However, they will be considered upon the receipt of the transfer certificate or migration certificate which validates their student enrolment.

For others

The candidates should be cleared of their education according to Indian standards such as the HSC exam from the University of Cambridge, baccalaureate diploma international, advanced level A obtained from examination of general certification from Srilanka. The candidates belong to the category of non-resident India and their eligibility criteria can be followed up in the direct form provided in the category NRI.

Similarly, other candidates who don’t fall on these categories can be applied to the section on foreign only. The fees of these categories are to paid only though US dollars, not with local currency. For NRI students, they should have taken physics maths and chemistry along with subjects biology, biotech with minimum grade C. If they have studied only physics and chemistry they will be required to produce proper approval from the apex of the education board or organization of the previous country of study.

However, candidates with biotech or biology will be allowed to choose courses such as bioinformatics with maths as mandatory subjects in engineering. The age factor applicable to the nation is also the same for the other residents. It is also mandatory for the candidate excluding Indian nationals are required to provide sponsorship certificate from parents living abroad and employer certificate should be submitted.

They will also be required to submit relevant documents such as passport and visa during the process. Further evidence such as original or photocopies of certificates attested to be submitted in order to ensure that meet the eligibility criteria with which failed maybe lead to rejection of the application. Al the document should be converted in English and importantly the medium of instruction of the previous class should be in English only.