Entrance examination in India is viewed as the toughest herculean task impossible to ordinary mortals; this is the thought of 90% aspirants of entrance exam. The exam aspirants should first get rid of this negativity. ‘If I cannot do this who else will’ should be the right attitude. if we don’t believe in ourselves who else will believe us.

Just as NEET was made compulsory for medical students, JEE is going to be made compulsory. Instead of searching for the escape routes, ways and means to avoid the exam, directly take the exam head on by its horns. Offence is the best form defense. When war is inevitable, the warriors have to plan a right strategy to face the enemies. Just like that a clear strategy is the need of the hour to face the engineering entrance exam. 

India is overly populated and the growing number of unemployment is snowballing year by year. Among the professional engineering graduates 90 percent of them lack communication skills, poor in understanding and practically unfit to be employed. Sub standard education, lack of drive, lack of motivating goals, poverty, etc made many school final students unfit to enter into the fray for engineering entrance exams. In turn those 90% become a majority who inadvertently undermine the standards of the engineering education.

If you do not know your enemy, it is tedious to fight for you do not know whom to fight. But, if the enemy is known, half of your task is made easier. Now that we know who the enemy is not one but several enemies to fight lack of motivation, ignorance, negative thoughts, lack of self confidence. The aspirants have to purge these negativities. 

Once a general after having fought with many enemies in several wars visited a Zen Guru and asked the Guru to enlighten him with goodness. The Zen Guru did not speak a word but started pouring tea in an already filled cup. The tea spilled all over and ran like a stream.

The general thought of it for a few moments and understood that his lessons were taught. Yes purge the negativities first like emptying a cup and then pour positive thoughts in it. Unless you empty the negativity positive thoughts will not enter into your mind is the silent lesson Zen Guru taught to the general. 

After purging the negative thoughts, inhale a fresh air of positive thinking and fill your mind with them. Now you are ready to achieve your goal. The student should fill confidence, motivation, awareness and a very high standard goal and a resolve to achieve the goal. Thus every student is at war within that is the enemy within.

Students should enlighten themselves by reading a book like ‘The power of positive thinking’ by Dale Carnegie. With the power of positive thinking you move the mountain and make it look like a mole hill and similarly you can make a mountain out of mole hill. Positive thinking is like a magnifying glass only you should know where to place it. If you place somewhere near your eyes the object will slightly magnify, if you place it very close to the object it will appear to be a giant. 

Now let us take a look at the joint entrance exam conducted by the prestigious Indian institute of technology jointly. This exam is conducted in two parts, namely main and advanced. If a student is able to crack only the main exam, he/she will end up in an institution affiliated to national institute of technology (NIT) or one of the top ranking engineering colleges according to the rank he/she got. Advanced level is successfully cracked will place the student in any one of Indian institute of technology centres.

Now the question is setting the goal. There is an old song praising the warrior who aimed the elephant but missed narrowly rather than hitting accurately a rabbit.  Thus aiming higher goals is looked upon as a laudable task. Students must not only aim to crack the advanced level entrance exam with the best rank, but also must have the resolve to achieve the goal. 

Next thing after setting the goal is the approach to the lessons one should read for the preparation of entrance exam. Intelligent students have a practice of doing the mathematical sums of one standard higher than theirs. Thus after trying vigorously for the higher standard lessons, then they start doing their own mathematical sums and to their surprise the sums look far easier to them. It is a psychological booster to our brains. 

Be it mathematics, physics or chemistry the three main subjects of interest to the entrance exam aspirants, one thing should be remembered. A mathematical formula, a theorem, a law in physics or chemistry is nothing but the inventions of a far superior brainy person who researched the subjects and found an easy way to define their inventions.

As students only study the theorem, formula or law and think of the irony one person has invented a thing and another person is just struggling to understand what it is. Whenever or wherever the students encounter difficulty in understanding the subject just they should remember the level of the person who made it. 

India once possessed a lot of talented persons like Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Varaha Mihira, Leelavathy and recently Ramanujam. Now India is on the brink of becoming a super power nation. But the standard of education has not reached that level. In any subject understanding is the basic thing and then application of knowledge and then only improvement by research. 

But Indian students are still lagging behind in the understanding level. So the students must consider this, by studying the lessons with basic understanding they not only help themselves lifting their level but also lift the level of the country as a whole. 

The subject physics should not be viewed as a mere subject a well educated student who is interested in the subject can do research and become a nuclear scientist. There are still a lot of untrodden paths in nanotechnology and nuclear physics. Students with interest can take up such subjects and by doing research on these subjects can bring laurels to India.

Mathematics is one of the important subjects in the entrance examination and hence concentration on the subject should be more. Mathematics if understood properly is a very useful tool. For instance, if a trader has to give repeated discount of 10% to various customers and he has to add 5% sales tax on the items. Let us assume the list price of an item is Rs.100, after 10% discount it will be Rs.90, and after adding 5% sales tax he has to collect Rs.94-50 from his customer. 

For another item of sales price Rs.200, he has to collect Rs.189 from the customer. For different values of selling price articles he can simply multiply the selling price with a factor 0.945 to get the exact amount he has to collect from the customer. The same thing can be done for multiple multiplications and divisions.

In the joint entrance exam advanced paper descriptive answers will have to be written along with mathematical drawings. The main paper consists of objective type questions, where time plays an important role.

The student has to decide quickly which the correct answer is and which is not. Using method of elimination some options can be ruled out out rightly.  There will be negative marks for wrong answers and hence the students should be cautious in choosing the right answer.

The laws and definitions in chemistry and physics and the theorems in mathematics have to be reproduced without changing a single word.  But application of theorems, Laws of chemistry and physics can be done by correctly understanding the principles involved.

Organic chemistry is mainly dealing with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. There are two chains; straight chain is called aliphatic and cyclic chain is called aromatic. Lots of derivatives are there. LEO the lion says GER. Loss of Electrons oxidation, Gain of Electrons Reduction. It is one of the easy ways to remember oxidation and reduction in chemistry.

Inorganic chemistry is mainly dealing with manufacturing process of metals and minerals and their derivatives. Petroleum cracking and various bi-products of the crude oil and refinement and various other processes are descriptively narrated. Physical chemistry is a common subject for both chemistry as well as physics.

Physics is a very vast subject. It deals with lots of subjects like mechanical energy, electrical energy, dynamics, wave mechanics, magnetism, optics, etc. Keeping water the standard for density and specific gravity of the substances will vary. For solid state substances density of ice taken as 1 compared with the object. For all liquid state items taking the specific gravity of water is taken as 1 and compared with the items. For instance the specific gravity of mercury is 13.6 that is one litre of mercury weighs 13.6 kg.

If the students take enough interest in the subjects the joint entrance examination is not at all a problem. The students must have a steel resolve to crack the exam successfully. Once they got selected in the Indian institute of technology, the students are better placed be it higher studies or employment they have an edge over the others. 

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